EMR software Features

Complete access to patient data through the browser interface in a user-friendly and easy to adapt method. Easy customize options to specialty needs like Cardiology, Neurology, Urology and many more.

EMR-Fully Integrated System sharing the same database

EMR ensures proper coordination among the physicians, nurses and other staff with its user-friendly work flow system.EMR software has an easy installation procedure and instant work flow mechanism. Requires no specific software to administer, a web browser would do the work.
Complete access to patient data through the browser interface in a user-friendly and easy to adapt method. Easy customize options to specialty needs like Cardiology, Neurology, Urology and many more. Complete information on diagnosis, treatment plans, medications and bills of a patient is maintained as a single file, rather than backing up to various other sources within the software.

Data transfer within the practice office made easy without hectic paper works. Multiple patient details can be accessed simultaneously with ease using EMR software. Invoices and other documents can be generated and printed at one click. Scanned medical reports, images and other relevant information are organized separately in folders for easy access within the patient file. Drop down menus and easy inbuilt menus greatly reduce the data entry works.
EMR includes an electronic billing system that generates appropriate statements based on the kind of medication provided and of course tracks the medical bills and claims and checks if it is in line with the patient’s financial strength and payment capability. EMR serves as an efficient document manager.
So now let us address in brief the steps required to overcome the main challenges in the EMR procedure and identify the pertinent key features to look in EMR software. 

EMR-Fully Integrated System sharing the same database

A fully integrated EMR is the best feature to look out. Replacing an existing application with that of the integrated EMR software might seem intimidating initially, but on a longer run it is very important that the EMR software is integrated with the Practice Management software application. Integration generally means sharing the same database by all these applications, so there is no worry about demented interfaces and other put outs.

Integration of EMR Software with E-Prescription

EMR software used with E-prescription is eligible for a bonus payment of 2% of their total allowed charges through Medicare Part B.

EMR that supports PQRI Automation

PQRI (Physician Quality Reporting Initiative) refers to the quality-measures policy. Physicians who agreeably follow PQRI guidelines can earn a single consolidated incentive payment of 2.0% of the estimated total allowed charges for Medicare Part B covered services.

EMR with Adaptive Learning
EMR software with adaptive learning has the capacity to remember all the physician documents and previous entries to suggest in future treatments. The system would equip itself to each provider’s practice and configure itself automatically, thus saving both money and time.

Access to EMR even without an internet connection

Accessing the software from anywhere anytime should be the best system available. The access can happen only with a secure internet connection. The software should save the important data so that the information is reachable even without an internet connection. This helps the practice to stay on beat.

EMR with Integrated Patient Portal

The EMR system with integrated portal lets the patients connect the practice office using an integrated patient portal. This is used for scheduling appointments, exchanging messages with the physicians and other staff and sharing other health related information.
EMR with no rigid templates
Most of the EMRs provide pre-defined templates that can be modified only by the vendor of any IT personnel. Most of the EMRs now are template-free and are driven by “Chief Complaint “that allows the doctor to “chart at the speed of thought.” This helps the physician to move on to any screen anytime without leaving a template.
EMR with Effective Document and Image Management

EMR with effective document and Image management lets the physicians and other staff copy documents or linking to documents and converting images in an easy way. Searching any type of file whether it’s a document or an image or a video it is reachable in just a click.

EMR with Voice Recognition and Handwriting Recognition Technology

Advanced features like recognizing human speech and handwriting recognition are also equipped with EMRs. This helps a physician to follow their own way for documentation, once you get used to the way of writing on a tablet PC, it becomes more convenient than typing words into a database.

Meeting all Technical and Legal Requirements
EMR software must persuade all the mandatory Federal and State regulatory and compliance reporting and appropriate coding. Having the EMR with all the guidelines programmed in and regularly updated by the vendors will keep the user safe and free of legal issues.
One of the major functions of the EMR is to enhance the overall operating proficiency of the practice office – an intimidating job at best. One should confirm if the EMR can manage the entire procedures of an health care organization and allow for tracking of information with all time access to data even if the personnel works from home. On the whole the EMR needs to be a full and real-time management of the routine tasks and bring down the workloads, thereby provide a visible increase in the quality and also the quantity of services.

EMR, EHR Software Updates

Practice management software

Practice management software (PMS) handles the routine functions of a Health Care Organization. The Software enables the user to track and

What is EMR?

The purpose of the EMR software is mainly to overcome the organizational bottlenecks such as paper jams, work flow atrophy and administrative..,

EMR Features

EMR ensures proper coordination among the physicians, nurses and other staff with its user-friendly work flow system.EMR software has an easy..,


HIPAA can be abbreviated as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This was also referred to as the Kennedy-Kassebaum bill.


Here’s a list of EMR vendors with links to get an EMR price quote and/or EMR demo where available.

EHR and EMR Difference

The National Alliance for Health Information Technology (NAHIT) has given the definitions for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and (EHR).

Why EMR?

EMRs are less subject to physical damage and data loss than paper records, as the data can be backed up and stored elsewhere.

EMR Transcription

Medical transcription sets-up HIPAA compliant portals which facilitates their medical transcribers to transcribe directly into EMR.

What is EHR?

An electronic health record (EHR) is an evolving concept defined as a systematic collection of electronic health information about individual patients or populations

EHR Software List

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an important concept defined as a systematic sotrage of electronic health information about patients or populations